I haven’t had much timye to work on my videos, since the COVID-19 panic hit but I’ve been conducting at least 1 interview a day with the “silent sound” voices with which I recently discovered I am targeted.

These recordings were taken by pressing a microphone, outfitted with a homemade, super-conductive copper windscreen, up to my ear. Since the microphone is up to my ear, my voice sounds a bit muffled but I didn’t want to rerecord it, for the sake of posterity.

I have only had time to really dig into one interview so far, to see what answers I caught. I also videotaped the recording of the interviews, as well as the clean-up and amplification of the answers but I haven’t had time to start putting those together, to post on YouTube.

It is clear from the relevant responses I’ve  been getting, that this is not just radio-feedback or line noise. These A.I. voices are being intentionally broadcast, with malicious intent (presumably hypnotic subliminal suggestion, as that is the purpose for which the technology was designed), by way of an ultrasonic projector. Speakers within its path, serve as ultrasonic transducers and the sound is converted, by means I do not yet understand (though it may have something to do with the high levels of microwave radiation I pick up, alongside the ultrasound broadcasts), at the skull.
What are these voices saying?
Sometimes I pick up weird music too.
More silent sound voices.
My first silent sound interview.