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If you’re a target and have any sort of evidence, from videos to anomalous log files, screenshots, photos, disturbing test results, strange responses to FOIA requests, personal stories – ANYTHING. I want to do my part to enlighten the public about all aspects of this program and how many people are suffering as a result of it.

Additionally, I will accept recordings of any sort. If you haven’t already done so, I will analyze them for V2K, silent sound, overnight visitors or anything else. Don’t worry if it sounds like there nothing there. If you’re a target, there probably is, especially if you have V2K or have been experiencing a ringing in your ears.

When recording my own silent sound, I’ve had success with everything but a plastic lavelier microphone. You can use a voice recorder, voice recorder app on a mobile device, metal microphone, camera or the internal microphone on a laptop. If you are able to adjust the input level, it should be turned all the way up.

Targets may find the laptop option particularly interesting, because when the microphone boost is set to the maximum level, you can often hear things without any additional amplification. If you use a computer, I would suggest using the open source program, Audacity, because it can record at a higher quality than native voice recorder programs AND if you have the microphone boost on and look at the recording in spectrogram view, you’ll readily be able to see that some anomaly is occurring, due to inexplicable sound signatures, even when recording in silence. In addition, I’ll soon be posting on my blog and YouTube with tips for recording and analysis with Audacity.

Contrary to my original assumption, recordings don’t necessarily have to be taken near the skull but please let me know what sort of microphone was used and how it was positioned.

If sending audio clips you’ve already manipulated, please include the original, if it is available, for the sake of authenticity. I’d hate for any fakes to end up on my site, which could be called out later by someone skeptical, with a lot of free time on their hands.

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