Subliminal Programming

At night, the silent sounds are even louder. They can be clearly picked up with a normal voice recorder, from across the room and can often be heard without amplification. These are excerpts from some of my overnight sessions.

This is part of a recording taken on November 21, 2020. I used the microphone on my laptop, set to the maximum recording level. Other than the built-in microphone gain, this track has not been altered in any way. Hear the strange percussive sounds, which never cease? That is night time hypnotic suggestion. It never stops. Even in the daytime, it goes and goes all day long but at night, it is even louder.
This clip is from the same recording. It was amplified 24 db and then noise reduced 31 db, with a sensitivity of 10 and a frequency smoothing of 6 bands, in Audacity. It was also compressed with a 10:1 ratio.
I didn’t analyze this entire clip but it begins, “Amelie, will you kill your mommy and your grandmother or do you need us to fucking kill them for you? Will you shoot them for me? Will you shoot them? Then it’d be much faster”.

It seems to be their goal to make someone in my family go postal. A lot of their hypnotic suggestion now centers around killing family members. I have also captured the voices of my family members and I mumbling in our sleep about killing.

First I noticed my own voice, promising to kill my mother (which I would never do) and recently, I began to pick up the same thing from my mother and my daughter. The other night, they were sleeping in the same room and I heard my daughter say, “Yes, I will kill my grandma,” and then about 30 seconds later, I heard my mom say, “Yes, I will kill Amelie”.

“Oh yes, we can kill anything here. What is bad to kill everything?”
This audio has not been touched. Everything so far is from the same recording.
Here is the same clip and another bonus minute and 18 seconds, noise reduced.
Here, I cleaned up the first 1:33 more and analyzed it syllable by syllable to figure out what it is saying. As far as I can understand, it says:
“What Eddie?”
“This could be food”
“Yeah, baby”
“It won’t begin til I says what you’re thinking. We will begin something. Everything can give in. You’ve got to let go and then Eddie can begin the surgery. Why won’t you just take it in? Give in, give in or we really will begin hurting you and everything will begin to decline before your eyes. Go put that chip on their television now, then we’ll begin. You really haven’t been programmed, dearies, until I start getting into it. I put the jack queen in the deep of people. You think we never had anything like a Katy? We’re in your head, Katy. You’re being hustled by your leader – the “Missy Brand” whore. I’ve been thinking of eating your kid but she is the only thing you would care if I nail. I would like to do it again. Would she taste like other children or catch everything on fire? You think you can boil her in water? These urges (or these virgin) people drown with liquid and every night you presume you’re alone, we’re nearby. Don’t you fucking hear our voice on record? Cuz I am never sleeping”
“Could a blog that no one’s reading do anything at all?”
“Writing it off is not enough”

May 16, 2021

A long spiel where they try to convince me to leave my boyfriend. I tried to make a video to make it easier to follow but they’ve broken most of my computers and the ones that remain either say they are not equipped to screen record or record it with a giant black border. Eventually I will get it posted. It is difficult to understand because it is so long. In order to caption it, I had to break it down into 1-3 second clips.
Nobody fucking likes you.
You’re sick of everything.
Poor me.
I’m in trouble.

This recording was so loud, it was readily audible without any amplification whatsoever, so I am posting the amplified version, followed by the original.