Not-so-silent Sounds

A lot of strange stuff happens while I am sleeping, so I decided to start doing overnight recordings. The stuff I pick up on THESE recordings troubles me a lot more than the silent sound does. Many of these recordings have not been amplified. Between the recordings and the stuff I find physically moved, broken or stolen, it is apparent that while I sleep, someone actually comes into my bedroom and does terrible things.

Some of the voices sound human and some sound computer generated. They often speak in what I’ve determined to be Romanian, Old Latin and Spanish. I won’t offer any theories on that stuff. Make of it what you will.

Please wear headphones when listening. Some are difficult or impossible to understand without them.

This one had to be amplified significantly and there are a lot of artifacts from noise reduction, because I cleaned it up way back in June when I was an Audacity novice. I will redo it at some point. I can’t find the stuff that came after it but it was even creepier. They were talking about “the meal of no nomi” and about how they were going to feed me to no nomi. Then they all started chanting, “END IN NECROSIS! END IN NECROSIS! END IN RAPE!,” and I could be heard moaning, “NO! HELP! HELP ME!,” for several minutes. I recorded this on June 26 at 4:45, at my boyfriend’s house. Not sure what to make of this one but here is the transcript:

“Wait until I give the word. Goodbye love. I love ya. I’ve seen the love. I LOVED her. While all of it wasn’t a lie, it’s over for us. Take it over.
Yessir. All of those who would line up to her, all of them will live where this force will be. Their purpose will be to simply honor me now and (inaudible) the time all of that evil would. People not unlike ourselves have fallen in her region. Their honor is removed. The lessons are lost on her ignorance.”
Ah wait! Olga wait! He’s covering the pillow”
“Feed her the pieces that they won’t believe”
“That’s a good plan”
“Better get that stupid dog outta here
“Let me get in behind you”
“Are we ready to go?”
“Hell yeah, we’re ready to roll”
“Break her”
“Burn you until you get it”
“This is just the way it has to happen”
“You get it? We get on em and we break em”
“I’ll need custom fiber”
“I’ll get it”
“This is gonna be too great!”
“I know it’s hers”
“Just take a picture”

I often capture the sound of a camera shutter during my overnight recordings. Somewhere there are a lot of pictures of me sleeping.

“Take a good picture of her pussy”
“It’s over for this girl”
“Well I’m gonna love it
“You do the ass”
“Changing with us”
“Crush the legs”
“I will try”

I have had crippling pain in my legs and back for a long time now. It is worse in the morning. Often, it is difficult or even impossible to straighten my leg or walk.

“Don’t you do the butt?”

If you’ve seen my silent sound videos, you may recall the voices purporting to have sex with me while I sleep. “The ass too”.

“I am everywhere you are”
“Let’s do it!”
“We’ll have to fake it”
“That’s just fine”
“She’s awake!”
“Roll them up”
“OK, whatever”
“Sneaking up”
“You tell em that you poison em?”
“We gonna kill y’all”

Last December, I discovered that I’d been poisoned with obscene levels of 16 different heavy metals, mostly rare ones, including plutonium and polonium, which are radioactive.

“Fuck this”
“Get on it. Fucking rape her. The daughter too”
“It’s not my fault
“She knows we’re coming over”
“Here we come”
“Starting on my plan”
“Now that’s a problem”
“Whoa. What’s in it?”
“The phone goes right there”

One of the main reasons I started these overnight recordings is because I knew someone was messing with my phone at night.

“It’s the way to go
“I’ll cut her if she can’t come over to our team”
“Well that’s a convenience then”
“Feel this rib bone here
“Shit, not as long as we’ve been coming over”
“Who’s out there in the back?”
“They’re not going to be very open
“She’s one of those people”
“I’m in the living room with her”
“I will murder your daughter”
“Not before dinner”
“I’m fucking hungry for (inaudible)”
“Me too”
“Let’s do it”
“From the time you woke me, I did it”
“Get ready to learn to pop the skin. You need to find the book”
“I’ll get it”
“Hey, climb out the back”
“Right away”
“I’m gonna try that pussy”
“Let her have it”
“What the fuck?”
“You hack them”

INDEED THEY DO! Government level hacking was the first sign that something very strange was going on.

“Leave them. Take the keys, coz they’ll be drained or woken up”
“They’re looking”
“What bug?”
“King of the evil shock”
“Lay back”
“No, you dump em in the toilet”
“Now that’s a problem”
“Oh fuck”
“OK, whatever”
“She has something wrapped up but we don’t know where it is”
“Inside her pillow”

At that time, I kept several things in my pillow at night, hoping to keep them safe but nothing is safe from them, it seems.

“She knows we’re coming over”
“Thinking of eating you”
“Thumpers break her”
“We shut the front door”
“What about the bodies?”
(Something about dissolve)
“What are you?”
“Shh, whisper”
“Who’s out there in the back?”
“What the fuck?”
“You do the ass”
“You gotta break her, Joe, break her”
“You ought to take her ground blanket off. Well done brother, you almost hit her”
“It’s energy”
“Go to the bed”
“No, hit em on the head”
“Is that it?”
“Grab the cord”
“I am the breast of justice. Everything will end when you are serving me”
“Au revoir”
“El orbis”
“Ganarmos un horina cabana. Hora comieremos la”
(Spanish for, “We got a little hut house. Now let’s eat her”)

The female in the recording was referring to the makeshift canopy I’d temporarily put up around my bed to protect me from the radiation which was causing me horrible physical pain at that time. I recently met and befriended a purported target online who insisted that the ones behind this program are “reptilian satanists” that consume human energy. Immediately after that, everyone involved in my targeting, with whom I am in communication, including my roommate, boyfriend and the father of my daughter, began saying the same thing. The ones in my recordings began saying things that would support the farfetched theory. I’d never heard ANYTHING like that before she said it, so it’s pretty strange that everyone got on board at that time. As a result, I’m quite certain that reptilians are NOT behind this but this is one of many recordings in which they talk about consuming us.

Something about mandela.
“Ni cuela”
(Spanish for, “Without strain”)
“Oprem de la velascrul”
(Romanian for, “We stop at the sail,” whatever that means)
“Overstrung? Ovals Strong? Ova strum? Ova strung?”
Not sure.
“Ruan ellas sin gas”
(Spanish for, “They are running on empty”)
“Hearing voices”
“Terras de mortem”
Another version of the previous one.
“Gonna burn you”
“All we want is for them all to resent you”
“How exciting is this?”
“Cool, dead”
“Look at the edible art”
“Drugs and poisons and they’ll come to take your daughter”
“Tell her what she wants to hear
“Get our poisons and kill y’all”
“Gonna fuck your face”
Something about income status. I’ll correct it when I can hear it.
“Come get me. This is over”
“Relax. Sleep. Relax. Relax”
“The ripper’s coming for you, mmmhmm”
“Want to be friends?”
“We came to euthanize you”
“We’ll drop it in your water, just like the lakes”
“We’re coming to get you”
“You know we’re coming. You need a place for everything”
“You know we’re coming”
“You think your alarm will stop the beating?”
“Goodnight bad girl
“Please get sick”
“This is one of these things. You don’t leave a trail”
“This is what you get”
“Take it and (inaudible)”

Amelie is the name of my daughter.

“They’re the best part”
“This is wrong. I know”
“The name of the game is, we’re gonna do what we’re gonna do”
“We need it”
“We’re going to break it in”
“What would Nonomi do?”
“Get in, make them evil. Once we have, I’ll let it go”
“That is bizarre”
“You like them”
“For this man must, shout”

I put the recorder in my parent’s room that night. My father is hard of hearing, so clearly they were referring to him.

“I’m gonna give you a soul sucking”
“Amelie tastes like chicken and then, terminate everything” (?)

Then I think it says defile the body or cut off the body when you kill Katy. They can’t seem to make up their mind about whether WE are supposed to be killing each other or they’re gonna be killing us. I know for a fact that they’re trying to program my family to be violent, from all the recordings I’ve done. I think communications like this one are for my benefit to “scare” me. Pretty sure they’re invested in seeing their mind control experiment through, so I think it’s a fair assumption that these are bluffs. If they aren’t, as a Christian, I’m OK with that too.

“That’s a stinky bathtub”
“Makes us feel really evil when she’s smiling” (Shutter click)
“You eat dead people”
“Oh that’s good”
“Move back”
“Just grab him and we’ll put him back”
“Who’s a good dog?”
“It’s all good, It’s all good”
“Come on”

The ones with my dog barking were ripped from the only video I ever successfully captured. Unfortunately, it was pitch black in my bedroom but you can hear them break in. They can be heard talking as my dog barks for 2 hours straight, while my daughter and I sleep in the bedroom, never rousing.

“She’s gonna wake up if we fuck her”
“I’ll kill him”
They came today to retrieve the bug I found yesterday
This is what they said when they came in. I analyzed it one small section at a time. It is much easier to hear with headphones. I put it here, because, while the barking male voice, Eddie, can not be heard without amplification, the other voices can.
“We really need to get on if the runner is going to do her thing”
I’m in the room with her baby
It didn’t kill her
Ah we fucked up”
Wait a while”
“It is not legal”
“I give up”
“El perro es familia tu
Spanish: The dog is your family, though he pronounces perro oddly and it should be tuyo. Maybe it is another latin-rooted language.
Hey babe, I love you. If it exists, I love you.”
“Right about that”
“I hate them all. Do you like them?”
“Just a little bit”
“I don’t see it”
“Can you feel me?”

May 14, 2021

“I’m excited”
“Shut up. Where are you? Are you here? Probably. Melanie.”

I included my amplified version and the original recording in this one. The first one is the one I cleaned up. Interestingly, when I showed it to my boyfriend, he mentioned that our new neighbor is named Melanie.

“Move her”
“Must speak”
“Now speak what I say to him”

Lately, I pick up instructions like this, along with what may be my own voice, reciting back whatever they tell me to. Alternatively, it could be an emulated voice. Not quite sure. the following are some examples. I pick these up while I am asleep.

Starts with “Alright then,” or “I’ll rape her”
“There, now you feel fine” (and more)
“I must fuck her up”??

“I’m not good”?
“Yes I will,” and you can hear people whispering in the background.
“Must hurt Amelie with a rock”??
At the beginning you hear someone whisper, “We do it with whores/horns and things,” and later, there is a clattering and they whisper, “where can we hide?”.
“Be a good girl/person”
A bunch of hard to pick up whispering but at the end, it says, “We just roll them up”
A whole bunch of whispering, including, “give them to me,” in the middle and some more audible stuff at the end, along with sounds of rustling.

May 15, 2021

I’m alone.
This is gonna hurt
Ooh, I don’t want to wait.
Who wants to eat?
Would you do it on my mouth already (likely wrong about that line)?
Go on.
Either “blow on it” or “who are you?”
This is one of those recordings where they pretend to be some kind of human-consuming beings, clearly. As weird as all of this stuff is, I just don’t see reptilians working for the deep state.
Take that.
You’ll regret this. You bit me. You bit me. Whose dick has boo boos?
You wasn’t careful.
Chill it will heal.
I don’t want to lose it. You bit me.
We had to break in without you. We had to break in without help.
Good job(?).
We had fun.

May 16, 2021

I can’t get her pulse.
That means we’re stopping.
Where did it go?
I love what you’ve done.
Whoa. What is this?
What the hell are they doing? (In my voice)
You ready?
Pass the first one.
Go for cover

May 17, 2021

You’re gonna kill her.
You’re sounding great
Follow me.
Come and unlock the door. Shh… here she comes.

September 14, 2021

I really screwed up by not continuing to upload new files back in May. As a result, I lost a ton of files and the first files I AM uploading here, have been somewhat corrupted but considering the fact that the recordings from which they were extracted are gone now, I’m going to go ahead and upload them anyway.

Hey, big butt.
Original spectrogram view
Spectrogram today.
Had to be done. You did awesome.
Original spectrogram.
Spectrogram today.

Damn. I knew I should have copied the fucking files to the computer before connecting to the internet. The rest are GONE. Hopefully I can recover them. FUCK. FUCK. Fuck you guys. What the fuck?