My name is Missy Katonic and I live in San Antonio, Texas – AKA “Military City, USA”. I, my parents and my 10 year-old daughter have been heavily targeted since at least 2010 but we had never heard the term “targeted individual” before December of 2019. After seeing a local news report about gangstalking, it began to become clear that our mysterious hacking and stalking were a sign of something much more sinister.

My research on gangstalking led me to reports of psychotronic weapons, electronic torture and mind control. While it sounded like science fiction, it also explained many physical and emotional symptoms, which I had never considered might be connected to the sabotage and exploitation we are experiencing.

As I finally began to make sense of everything, everything began to make less and less sense. Every answer gleaned raised countless questions. Always inquisitive, simply knowing THAT this was happening wasn’t enough. I wanted to know HOW it was being done and ultimately WHY it was happening to US.

Though the WHY continues to elude me, every day I delve further into the HOW, through research and experimentation. I created this site to share my knowledge with the world, demystifying the experience for those who are targeted and demonstrating to the rest of the world that what targets experience is real and provable.

In the short time I’ve been an aware target, I’ve heard the question, “How do we stop this?,” asked by hundreds across the internet. The answer is simple: WE don’t, for we are too few and the enemy is far too powerful. We make up, at best (or perhaps I should say at worst) 1% of the population. Ultimately, it is up to the ones in power to put a stop to this but first, they must realize that it is occurring.

As targets, it is our seminal duty to enlighten the populous, by sharing our experiences and knowledge and inform public opinion, not only with our message but also in its conveyance. Our story is not easy to digest and has not been historically, well received. We must adjourn ourselves from the stereotype of the “tin foil hat wearing nutjob,” by checking our facts and familiarizing ourselves with the scientific principles behind our targeting. We must choose our words meticulously and keep our cool, even in the face of ridicule. We must inform the world of the atrocities committed by the deep state and we must do so intelligently and tactfully.

I believe that, once the world knows this is happening, the program will be dismantled. The public will demand justice, where laws were violated and new laws will be established to protect society from further subjugation.

This website is my contribution to the massive effort of educating the community, both targets and non, so that one day, things will change.

I want answers. I want the deep-state to answer for their crimes. 

If you believe my research is worthwhile, please consider donating with PayPal, to help fund my future endeavors. If there is a specific piece of equipment or research project for which you would like to donate, would like me to make anything you see on my site for you or have questions, email me at missy@curioustarget.com.