Sandboxing May Fix Hacked Apps

For a long time, I just accepted the fact that there were many, many apps I can not use. I was unable to access my bank or credit card accounts for years. GPS apps sent me in circles. YouTube videos refused to upload. I couldn’t make online purchases. I couldn’t even order pizza or Shazam a song. 

Recently, I began using a sandbox application, which makes copies of your apps and runs them in a separate, encrypted container. Unless explicitly allowed, the sandbox does not have access to the files on your device, which means that it doesn’t have access to malicious files either. All apps running within the sandbox are once again usable for this curious target (unless that changes after I publish this).

In addition to restoring functionality to apps which are not working, it allows you to run a second copy of apps you already use. This is great for secondary social media or gaming accounts. Personally I use it for Reddit and Pok√©mon Go. 

You can also use it to privately run apps on your phone, by installing the app in the sandbox and uninstalling it from your phone. This would be handy if you allow your kid to play with your phone and don’t want them stumbling across your online dating accounts.

There are several options for Android. Some of the most secure are Shelter, App Hider and Island.

Samsung users already have a built-in sandbox at their disposal. Secure Folder, which uses Knox’s enterprise-level encryption, is likely to be their best option, since it works with the phone’s built-in security features. It can be enabled under the security tab in the device settings. If it does not show up in your applications, it can still be accessed by using the app search function. Just because Knox isn’t protecting your phone from hackers does not mean it won’t work for Secure Folder. Malware on Samsung phones must work alongside Knox, because it cannot be disabled unless the phone is rooted.

iOS users can try a cloning app, such as Dual Accounts Multi Space but I cannot speak to whether it will work, since iOS works differently from Android. It is still worth a try.

Hopefully this post will be helpful to some targets. I know well how frustrating it is not to be able to do the same things on your phone that everyone else can. 

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