Not sure what hackers call THIS attack

I noticed a message that said my Google Site Kit had been disconnected, because the URL of my site had changed. Now you know and I know that it hasn’t but I use site kit, so I wanted to reconnect it. I put in my email . address and it wanted me to solve a CAPTCHA before entering my password. Unable to make out what the letters were and with no option to reload the CAPTCHA, I clicked on the little speaker icon, expecting to have the code read to me. I got this instead:

Uhh… not much help.

It was just a bunch of nonsense, spoken in a very un-Google voice. I decided not to keep trying, since so many red flags went up but I was curious to know if it was actually saying anything. I figured it was either distorted Russian or perhaps, something played backwards. While still not entirely sure which is the case, it does sound more like the English language when played in reverse. This is what I hear when listening to the clip backwards. I’m not asserting that it actually SAYS this for sure. Humans are naturally inclined to look for recognizable patterns of speech. Then again, backwards speech makes as much sense as Russian. I’ve slowed it down just a little bit.

If it says something like this, at least it makes slightly more sense.

Logging in would have been impossible, since I couldn’t read or hear the CAPTCHA and there was no reload option. This was the opposite of a phishing attack – in which an attacker makes a fake login page made to steal credentials. Since the CAPTCHA came before the password input field, it definitely wasn’t one of those. Therefore, I guess I will call it a gnihsihp attack.

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