Hello again, everyone!

Once again, I have been remiss in maintaining my blog lately. If you follow me on Reddit, you know that, since my recent move, I’ve experienced a drastic uptick in theft and sabotage of my equipment.

The day I moved in, I left my tech bag unattended for an hour, for the first time since I’ve had it and they came in and removed the power button from my laptop, somehow messed up the internal microphones on all my computers, scratched the lenses of my cameras so much they are useless, smashed the antennas to my pricey iProtect 1206i counter-surveillance device, stole some hard drives (which were later returned, probably harboring malware), broke the microphones off of my Zoom H1 handy recorder, corrupted all of my SD cards and screwed up my big hard drive, so that it is not recognized by any machine. They also took the optical drive from my PC (which is rarely used, at least). Something was done to my $1,300 PC that reduced the file transfer speed to under 1 mbps.

A few days later, they forced their way into my bedroom, as I slept, breaking the bolt on the bedroom door in the process. Once inside, they managed to get the trunking pair of RTL-SDRs (Radio Transport Layer Software Defined Radio is an affordable way to monitor all sorts of radio waves, including police radio, air traffic control and even the signals which carry our silent sound), which I kept in a hard shell case, inside of my zipperless sleeping bag and ripped them apart. My daughter and I slept through 8 alarms that morning and were extremely late to school. They had already stolen 4 RTL-SDRs prior to that event, so clearly they are not comfortable with targets tinkering with software defined radio.

I’m down to only 2 voice recorders and one laptop, on loan from my sweet boyfriend. Thanks to him though, I’m back.
For several days, I’ve been adding sound clips to the various sections. It finally occurred to me to date them, so readers can easily find the new material. I have a lot to upload. It is never quiet around here.

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