Curious Target is on Facebook (and totally unfindable)

I decided to finally give in and make a Facebook a few weeks ago and decided to really set it up today. Of course I had a lot of hiccups while doing so. It still keeps telling me I need to add a profile photo and cover photo, even though I already have.

I set my page status to published but when I search for it from another Facebook account or on DuckDuckGo or Google, even if I search for “@curioustarget Facebook”, nothing comes up.

Not on Google

Or duckduckgo.

Additionally, I have to choose between letting people share my content to their stories or allowing people to contact me privately in Messenger. I see no logical, organic reason that both options can’t simultaneously be turned on but if I tick one, the other is unticked.

Sharing checked.
Checking the messaging option turns off sharing.

On top of that, I set my website address to and it keeps getting changed to http.

I have an SSL certificate.

Since I had so much trouble with Instagram, with my disappearing account and it is owned by Facebook, I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. 3 weeks should be plenty of time for Google, duckduckgo and Facebook to index my page and yet it remains unfindable.

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