Whoops, My Bad

Unfortunately, I made you guys some promises I could not keep, due to an unfortunate series of events.

As I was scrambling to get out of my Faraday tent, where I was working on going through your recordings and submissions, to answer the door, I dropped my laptop on its screen.

Subsequently, my other laptops were hacked and my dad asked my help to fix his hacked machine, which takes priority, because he needs it for work. My family¬† has also been plagued with a variety of technical problems which nobody but me is tech savvy enough to resolve. Consequently, I’ve been unable to deliver.

Kind of funny how, even with the machine that I damaged myself, it was technically targeting-related, because I had retreated into my tent as I was being painfully attacked with directed energy weapons while I worked. When you’re a target, you’ve got to appreciate little ironies like that and find humor wherever you can or risk losing your marbles, so, despite the cost of a new screen, I got a little laugh out of it. My screen was supposed to be here LAST Monday but has yet to arrive.

I’m still psyched to get the ball rolling on the reader submission section and fixing up my site. This is just a minor setback. Keep them coming! You have not been forgotten.

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