Bad Doctors

Last fall, I was drugged with MDMA, oxycodone, THC, methamphetamine and cocaine, in an attempt to get my daughter taken away from me. Luckily, I fell and landed in the hospital, before they made their call to CPS, due to the effects of the drugs. I began going in weekly for drug tests, because the police would not make a report unless I had a lab verified positive drug test.

One day, I once again tested positive for methamphetamine and asked the doctor to send in my test to be lab verified. At first, she flatly refused but eventually she said she would do it but she would need blood. I begged her to use the urine I had provided, because I hate needles, but she wouldn’t relent.

A moment later, 3 nurses entered the room. I had not consented to even having my blood drawn but 2 descended on me, while the third turned off the light. You would think a nurse would want light, in order to find a vein, wouldn’t you? They held me down and started asking me bizarre questions about my daughter. I felt the third nurse stick me with a needle and felt the warmth of an injection. I never saw any vials or tubes or usual cart of blood drawing equipment, she just used a syringe. The nurses would not get off of me until she had already left the room.

It’s no surprise that “test” came back negative for drugs. First of all, there was no test and secondly, I later learned that methamphetamine does not last very long in the blood, unless someone is a heavy user. In blood, it is detectable for as little as 6 hours, while in urine, it is detectable for up to a week. A competent doctor would have sent in a urine test, in that situation. There was never any reason to draw blood.

When I went in for the results, the receptionist handed me a bill for $1,000, for all the drug tests I’d been given. They claimed my insurance had refused to pay. When I called the insurance company, I was informed that the doctor’s office had inexplicably refunded the insurance company’s money and the billing had been revised.

I found myself back in the emergency room, ironically, exactly 1 year from the date I discovered I had been drugged. I had severe pain in my abdomen, which was determined to be due to gallstones. I was instructed to make an appointment with a general surgeon.

The surgeon seemed nice enough. She told me I could have my gallstones after pathology was finished examining my gallbladder and she said that she would show me photos of them after the surgery. She told me surgery would take 30 minutes to an hour and that I should be back to normal after a couple of weeks. She briefly explained the surgery and showed me where the incisions would be made.

After I woke up from surgery, I noticed several hours had passed since they administered the general anesthesia. I had excruciating pain on the left, lower side of my abdomen and I asked the nurse if that was normal and she said it was unusual and gave me some pain medicine. When the doctor came in I asked her when I could get my gallstones and she said it was against Hospital policy to give them to patients. I asked about the photos and she said none had been taken, though she told me before that they always take photos.

I realized, as I was getting dressed, that my incisions were on the opposite side than she said they would be and wondered how in the world she had gotten my gallbladder out of my left side, since there were no incisions anywhere near my gallbladder. After several weeks, I was still barely able to get up and it took me a couple of months to feel better.

I put it behind me until the other day my father went in to have a growth cut off of a bone in his foot and awoke to find his leg had been operated on. The doctor told him they had to take blood from his leg and put it in his foot and that to do that, they had to also do something to his tendons. My father consented to no such surgery and that explanation doesn’t make sense. The doctor has not returned his calls inquiring about the name of said surgery. My father is in excruciating pain and the surgery has caused new nerve problems.

On November 25, not even 2 months after my surgery, I received a collection letter for the sum of the gallbladder surgery and lab tests. I had never even received a bill before that. Again, I was informed by my insurance company that their money had been refunded, something the agent had never seen before I called.

I just read this article about a man named Richard Cain, who was implanted without his consent, by the Department of Defense (Ironically, I’m even dating someone who works for the DoD). He successfully sued for an undisclosed settlement. It makes me wonder if the same thing has happened to my family.

Abdominal CT scan of Richard Cain who, along with other family members, was implanted by the Department of Defense, with numerous devices and settled out of court for an undisclosed sum.

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  1. If all of this has happened to you and keeps happening – why have you not tried to contact a news source, or an unbiased branch of law enforcement?

    1. I have. I have never gotten a response to any letter I’ve sent or call I’ve made to police chief, city council woman, mayor, senator, congressman, governor, FBI, lawyer, district attorney, magistrate, human rights organizations, local activists,, newspapers, major news circuits or local news stations. Not a one. That list is not exhaustive. I’ve even tried going in places, knowing my calls, mail and emails are intercepted, but nobody would see me on the spot and I had to leave a message.

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