Thanks, guys! Keep em coming!

I’m so excited to be working on so many overnight, silent sound, V2K and special-case recordings and grateful to everyone who has submitted evidence of all types! You guys may not hear too much from me for the next couple of days, while I get a system in place to categorize, process and post the evidence, while simultaneously making my page more user-friendly.

If you’ve submitted evidence and haven’t heard back from me, don’t be discouraged from sending more. Send whatever you’ve got and I mean whatever, even if – nay, especially if it isn’t in-line with the other stuff I’ve got on here, because I want the world to know all the ways this wickedness manifests itself and I’ve only scratched the surface with my stories and recordings.

By early next week, expect to see a whole lot of reader submissions and a whole new layout. In the meantime, keep them rolling in to!

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