Good news, I was right about the device. Bad news, it's gone now.

An hour before I got up this morning, I captured audio of a group of them coming into my house. Captain Picard, aka “Cappy” barked his head off, as I lay sleeping next to him in my newly crafted Faraday tent, warm inside my signal-blocking sleeping bag. Admiral Picard would have done something more substantive, I’m sure. That’s why Cappy wasn’t promoted like his namesake.

I’ve picked up the name Olga quite often.

The familiar, barking voice that delivers our subliminal programming instructed them to retrieve a little thing from our living room, in the hall (exactly where I found the wires). Apparently, they have our walls numbered. It was behind wall 11.

My mom doesn’t believe they have invisible camouflage but if they hang out in the living room while we are here, they must.

Today, my RF meter no longer registers a hit at that location.

Nice going, William.

They were also instructed to retrieve something that was mistakenly put into the bedroom in which I was sleeping and left in an area where they’ve apparently installed lasers, located in front of “the bag with the constructions on it”. I presume they were referring to this project.

Latch hook poofball suitcase I am working on.

There are several areas around that suitcase which emit mysterious RF signals. Now I know that at least one of those hits is on some sort of laser device. As cool as that is, I’m not inclined to go destroying my walls, hunting for mystery devices, when I have no idea what they look like and even with every Wi-Fi, GSM, LTE or Bluetooth enabled device in the house turned off, I get hits all over the place, often for network enabled devices. I thought my expensive device would solve a lot of my problems when I bought it but their devices, aside from yesterday’s, aren’t exactly out in the open.

Once I get a firmer handle on my own device and the appearance and placement of their devices, I will be sure to post about it.

I uploaded the audio to my “Not-So-Silent-Sound” section.

One thought on “Good news, I was right about the device. Bad news, it's gone now.

  1. I’ve been a TI for 16 plus years. Have been trying to develop a small target free environment for people like us. It’s been a tough homeless three years. If you have any questions, feel free to email me. I’ve pretty much ran through every play in the book and survived.
    If you want to learn about me. Google my name and my videos.
    Tim Rappleano

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