A different kind of microwave experiment

This isn’t the post I promised. I’ve been busy entertaining family from out of town. Tonight I performed a microwave experiment of my own, the end result of which could be considered downright criminal in some circles.

In a hurry to make a 3 course dinner and knowing that yeast rises faster in a warm, moist environment, I thought I could finish my dinner rolls faster if I covered the bowl of dough with a wet washcloth and put it in the microwave on defrost for a couple of minutes.

It rose alright. Had I not forgotten it was in there and let it run for 8 minutes, I have a feeling it might have gone pretty well but instead, the dough emerged lumpy and partially cooked.

I decided to cook it as planned but as soon as I took them out, I knew I’d committed a crime against bread. My rolls were pockmarked and rubbery.

My daughter wanted to find out if they would bounce. I took a super slow motion video of our experiment and it is the funniest thing I’ve seen lately. We conducted various experiments with the others but none turned out as funny as that first video.

My microwave calamity reminded me of the post I still need to finish. In the meantime, since Thanksgiving is next week, I thought this could potentially be equally helpful and infinitely more hilarious!

When in doubt, don’t nuke it!

At least my chicken pot pies were delicious!

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