As I lay dreaming…

Stranger than Silent Sound Part 1

I’ve been very busy lately but I finally posted a new YouTube video last night. It is a departure from my series documenting my experiments with silent sound. This is the first in a series of videos exposing the far more disturbing things which happen to me as I sleep. Be warned, the next videos in the series are far more disturbing. This is just the tip of a particular large, destructive and potentially devastating iceberg.

I’ve never had as much trouble putting together a video as I did with this one. Every night my project files have been sabotaged (in addition to other, FAR more important, files on another machine) along with my file histories, despite my devices being air-gapped and stored in a location which would be utterly inaccessible by traditional means. They took measures to ensure that the files could not be recovered. I take that to mean that my tormentors are particularly unhappy with the production of the ongoing series. It should be noted that they recorded the clip which says, “We’re going to hurt your family, just watch us,” themselves, during one of their early-morning intrusions, irretrievably replacing the clip which I originally considered to be the shining star of the video. Though that means the file does not technically fall into the same category as the rest, I kept it, because I had so many other things to fix by then and not just for the video.

I feel I left the video, by some measures, unfinished but I didn’t want to wake up another day to find my work undone, when there is so much more to do. Unfortunately, it was published with only a fraction of the original content, including a particularly time-consuming intro I produced and many more examples I had planned to include. I can only pray that I am able to see this series through to the terrifying and perplexing end. If I do, expect to hear things that go bump, hump, zap and “rămas bun,” in the night…

4 thoughts on “As I lay dreaming…

  1. Hi, I had no idea I was
    “marked” going many years back. Where I am now is beyond horrific. I lost everything. This has been a speed up.andnintense version of the prolonged torturous life I’ve been Victim to. I’m 63, and got sucked into a Corruption Sting as “Bait.”; I;have been physically and emotionally damaged. I am now completely, destitute and homeless. Lisa Rousseau

    1. Thanks! I’ll check it out. I must say though, when one is afflicted with silent sound, there is no silence. There is a perpetual, very loud ringing sound, which accompanies negative, inaudible messages. If one were to sit in silence, they’d hear nothing but those messages. I find the opposite to be true. I can best focus and get the most restful sleep when I’ve got several different sounds drowning it out. Meditation is good though. This stuff doesn’t stress me out anymore, even when it hurts. Now I’m just fascinated by it.

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