Target-exclusive, ultra-rare Pokémon!

Gonna need an ultra-ball for this bad-girl! Since I started playing Pokémon Go, in July of 2016, “they’ve” thrown as many curveballs at me as I’ve thrown at Pokémon. I’ve been hacked out of 3 accounts, items rarely work as intended, sometimes my Pokémon go DOWN in CP when evolved, my GPS signal can’t be found half the time, items and Pokémon disappear from my inventory, sometimes the game thinks I’m miles away from my actual location, which occasionally results in a shadow-ban and it crashes constantly, among so many other issues. It isn’t ALL bad though. How many other players get to giggle about a gigantic foot stomping on their avatar, a disembodied pair of Pikachu pajamas walking around the map or a mutant head flickering on their screen?

I guess that being evil doesn’t mean you can’t be funny.

I thought I’d take a break from exposing the secrets of the deep state to remind targets to have a sense of humor about this stuff, whenever possible. This program takes a toll on even the strongest of us but with a smile on our face and a song in our heart (as my dad always says), we’ll get through this.

Update: Since I posted the first glitch, I’ve had some even funnier ones!

Pretty weird!
The evolved version.
What have they done to my buddy?
Is Gyarardos dead?

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