Invisible Instagram

I decided to perform a Tinder social experiment, using unflattering photos and a rather unappealing bio, to see if I still matched with everyone, like I used to (I DO!), indicating my matches are probably all or mostly perps and I needed some kooky filler photos, so I tried to find my Instagram account on Google, since I am already hacked out. The search results were rather interesting. My Instagram page is nowhere to be found, however many social media crawler sites are aware that it exists.

Of course I am not surprised, given my generally dysfunctional online experience but I thought it was interesting. Almost worth making a new Instagram to find out if my second one (I got hacked out of the first one) still exists at all but at the moment, I am busy with my Tinder experiment. I’ll dedicate a post to my findings. So far, my prospects of finding love online don’t seem too great, even though every swipe is a match.

It is a bit disheartening that I didn’t even find a link to this page in my search results, even after a recent afternoon of SEO, amidst all the clones, porn, curious targets and people who’ve used the words “curious target” in unrelated articles but I am, once again, not at all surprised.

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