Interrogating the Silent Enemy

I’ve tried 4 times to upload this to YouTube but every single time I do, the audio is corrupted, including my own voice. I tried rebuilding the video in a different editor and I tried reencoding, using every available option, on three different machines but it made no difference. Hopefully I have better luck here.

On a positive note, I think the fact that my videos are messed up in different places is good evidence that these people ARE attempting to hinder the publication of this evidence and it isn’t a matter of crappy recordings.

I’ve learned not to be so judgmental of other people’s poor Silent sound and V2K recordings on YouTube, because I am sure this happens to everyone who manages to get good ones.

It was ok at first but they got to the sound here too after a few minutes. The best version is probably the final one I uploaded to the Curious Target YouTube page.

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