How I became an aware target

Missy’s Origin Story: A Conspiratorial Awakening

For the last 9 years, every device I have had has been ultimately irretrievably hacked to death and I’ve been locked out of more accounts than you can imagine, including being banned from my first Facebook account, just out of the blue. At first, I didn’t even recognize it as hacking (though I knew that Facebook ban had to be the work of an unknown saboteur) – I added “technology hates me,” to my Facebook tagline. Eventually it became more and more apparent though, that SOMEONE had it out for me. I’ve NEVER had any enemies. I couldn’t imagine who it might be.

On my new Facebook, I started receiving friend requests from strangers and I naively accepted. They eventually became my closest Facebook friends and I shared EVERYTHING with them, down to the models of my guns and security cameras. I was young and not conspiratorially-minded, so I had no idea what kind of trap I was walking into. One by one, they were determined to be “the hacker” (I assumed it was just one at the time), after sending me images, embedded with malicious Javascript, telling me I shouldn’t be having a conversation without using a VPN, alluding to internet activity of which they never should have known or threatening to expose personal details, outright.

However, after several years, one even became a close friend in real life. I trusted him fully, in part because we had several mutual friends. He was affable and attentive, had a good job, working for the army and never raised any red flags. He did seem a little dumb though. One time my daughter asked him if he knew the colors of the rainbow, in order and he said, “Red, black, green… I can’t remember,” and in the same conversation, seemingly genuinely expressed that he had always thought teal was a shade of purple. His apparent stupidity was humorous and disarming. Only last year did I discover he was a key player in the physical attacks against me, when I caught him sabotaging my security camera DVR. I have subsequently learned that playing dumb is a common tactic among gangstalker interlopers.

This “friend” had always feigned ignorance about anything tech-related, though the last Facebook message he ever sent me, soon after he was discovered, read, “Can you help me study for my Security+?,” (a cyber security certification I hold). Around the same time, several other REAL-LIFE friends, all of whom I had met online and the majority of which had never purported to have any interest in cyber security, sent the EXACT same message – word for word. It was clearly a show of solidarity, which coincided with my period of awakening. They wanted me to know that not only my tech had been compromised but even the intimate facets of my life. All of them have military affiliations. It had never seemed like a big deal, since this is Military City, USA. We have 3 air-force bases here, after all!

As the hacking intensified, I started to study cyber security and eventually realized that the reality of my situation was simultaneously more grave and venomously awe-inspiring, in its intricacy and planning, than I ever could have imagined: my phone and tablets are perpetually connected to stingray networks and in addition, the traffic is run through some sort of reverse proxy, which causes my local IP to be reported as some random IP in some foreign country and also causes the devices to lose their authentic network connection. Instead, the internet connection is supplied by the adversary.

Similarly, my home wifi network and that of my parents, are “evil twin” networks. They are set up to be permanent evil twins (no matter how many times I fix it), because rather than simply deauthing (kicking a client off) the real network, the router is logged into and is set to hidden and then a spurious network with the same name and credentials is deployed, so the devices connect through that instead and they can monitor and manipulate all web traffic. As with the stingray networks, this suggests that there is a PHYSICAL device on the property, supplying the network connection. The routers at those locations are also running a malicious, non-native (I have checked with the cable companies) version of TWRP.
Those Daedalean and financially costly hacks are what first led me to believe I was likely dealing with far more than just a script kiddie or hobbyist with an unascertainable grudge.
Those hacks, especially flashing the router’s firmware and planting a cellular device close enough for us to get a steady internet signal, would require physical access and indeed, around the same time the break-ins started.

They didn’t just mess with the internet, they would sabotage things around my house, by loosening screws and removing internal parts, though it wasn’t apparent until the item broke down. Documents, especially those containing personally identifiable information would go missing and then resurface elsewhere. Toiletries and little things around the house also disappeared and then, only after they had been replaced, they would turn back up, usually exactly where they had been in the first place.

Like my appliances, my cars were slowly sabotaged and vandalized – the brakes were repeatedly disconnected from the calipers, batteries inexplicably had to be replaced several times a year, the carpet would be pulled out from the trim, parts of the trim would be loosened or removed, scuffs and dents mysteriously appeared, suggesting the vehicles had been taken joyriding but nothing the cops would take too seriously. That seems to be the rule of thumb all around, to do only things too technically advanced for a cop to possibly understand or things that were frustrating and obvious enough for me to REPORT, without triggering any INVESTIGATION, so I would look like a nutjob, who serially reports nonexistent crimes and destroy my credibility (though I didn’t recognize that yet).
I was eventually able to pinpoint some of the cyber attacks as coming from Hawaii, Florida, New Jersey and Texas. The geographic diversity reinforced the notion that this was no lone wolf hacker.

Finally, after all those years of wondering, my daughter’s estranged father came to me and the first thing that came out of his mouth was, “Have you ever wondered if you are the subject of a government conspiracy?”. I laughed and said it had crossed my mind but I am not important enough for that.

Then he abruptly dropped the subject and told me that he suspected that his brother, who was in the army and stationed in Hawaii and working in the CID Computer Crimes Unit, was involved in my hacking. He said that, long before, his brother had asked for my information, under the pretention that he was going to “DOX” me (still, WTF dad?) and that he gave it to him. He told me his brother had demonstrated all sorts of high-level, Hollywood-worthy hacking techniques (EXACTLY the sort of attacks of which I had been on the receiving end), since he had been in the military.

When I first moved back to San Antonio, 10 years prior, after college, they lived across the street from me, though the only interaction I ever had with either of them, (until a couple years later, when a friend introduced me to my daughter’s father at a bar) was the day I moved in, when the brother had offered to help carry things inside for me and set up my computer.

I only met the brother one other time, when his brother was on leave and visiting town but for some reason, while we were dating, he had said repeatedly, “my brother REALLY doesn’t like you”. At the time it just sort of perplexed me but when he told me about the hacking, the timeline fit perfectly and it all came together.

Her father texted many times after that, trying to convince me that his brother had left the military to join a secret government black ops group, with a focus on psyops and mind control. I did not believe him. I assumed he was in on it and was just messing with me. Never the conspiracy theorist type, my assumption was that his brother and some army buddies probably made a game of abusing government resources to wreak havoc on the lives of unwitting victims. At the time, an unofficial hacking club seemed like the most logical conclusion.

I contacted the CID to inform them that one of their soldiers was abusing government resources but they couldn’t even FIND him in their system, according to the person who called me back. I now suspect the people who returned my calls were working with them, since historically, my calls and texts have been frequently intercepted and since I was never able to directly speak with anyone in the CID or military, period.
Since I couldn’t go on base, the whole thing sort of went by the wayside and the hacking and burglaries continued, unabated.

Last September, I started feeling very strange. I would be driving and completely forget where I was, even blocks from my home; my memory was getting worse and worse; my vision was blurry; my heart was racing; I was constantly sweating profusely; I was so dizzy I had many falls. I scheduled an appointment with an endocrinologist, because a doctor had once suspected that I might have Cushings Syndrome, which could cause those symptoms. He asked me to collect a 24 hour urine. While I was collecting that, one of those falls landed me in the emergency room. I had broken my coxix and was going through the paperwork, looking for the x-ray results, when I came across a routine drug test that was performed. I don’t even smoke pot but the test was positive for THC, methamphetamine, cocaine, oxycodone, heroin and MDMA. I was floored! It explained a lot.

I tried to report it to the police but they told me I needed a laboratory verified test, so I immediately went to AnyLabTestNow for a drug test. They told me the results would be ready on Monday. Monday yielded no drug test results but instead, I got a visit from CPS. Someone had called them, alleging I was on EXACTLY the dangerous cocktail of drugs that had been found in my system. In addition, they accused me of neglecting my daughter and taking her drunk driving, intentionally running into things, telling her it was a game. My car, of course, had the scuffs and dents to support this claim but the social worker was luckily, skeptical of the outlandish claims, especially upon meeting me in my immaculate and well decorated house and speaking with my family. As soon as I had found out about the drugs, I had immediately stopped drinking the water at the house and had thrown out my medications and food, so luckily, the CPS drug test came up negative for drugs and the case was dismissed with extreme prejudice. Still, the police would not investigate the case until I produced a positive lab test.

I called the AnyLabTestNow every day and they could not tell me the status of my drug test. All they knew was that it had been shipped to the laboratory over the weekend. Finally, on Friday, the results came back and it was negative for EVERYTHING, including my Adderall (I have ADHD). Luckily, I still had the 24 hour urine collection, so I purchased a couple of mail-in drug tests and sent them off. I turned the rest in to the doctor and it proved negative for Cushings but after the drugging stopped, my symptoms cleared up on their own.
Unfortunately, I made a HUGE mistake. Never having used a mail-in drug test before, I had shipped a label along with the tests, which turned out to be the CLAIM number. It was the only way to get my results (even though I had included my address and email with the tests!). It was a dead end. I KNOW, without a doubt, that the hospital test was correct but I have no way to prove it. Even though CPS had notated that it was a false CPS report, the police would not even investigate THAT.

Perhaps the police were skeptical because of my significant arrest record. The CPS frame-up was not the first time I had a run in with the law, without legitimate cause. In the preceding 9 years, I had been arrested MANY times, under bizarre circumstances. The first time, I was hanging out with “friends” (ALSO military) and when I arrived home, I found that my house key was missing. I headed to my parents’ house to get a spare but on my way back home, I became very sleepy and disoriented. By the time I stopped at the gas station down the street from my house, I could barely walk and drew the attention of some police who were hanging out at the gas station. They put me in handcuffs and searched my car. They pulled a baggie of cocaine out from under my seat. I swear, I DO NOT USE COCAINE! I was booked into jail and was bailed out the next day. When I arrived home, my house had been burglarized and all of my computers and guns were missing.

A few weeks after, I took a schizophrenic guy I knew in high school, who was down on his luck, to Kohl’s, so I could buy him some clothes for interviews, so he could look for a job. That’s just the kind of person I am. His behavior drew the attention of a clerk (he was in much worse shape than I realized when I set out to help him) and the police were called. Even though I told them that he was schizophrenic, they arrested both of us for public intoxication. Neither of us had had a drop to drink and hadn’t used any drugs but I just assumed it was a mistake on the part of the police.

Several months passed and my car was wrecked into by an uninsured motorist. I contacted the police and was SHOCKED when the police put me into handcuffs. They told me that there was a fugitive warrant for my arrest, for an incident that had happened when I was in college, where I had a fender bender after consuming a beer at a party earlier in the evening. Since I was only 18, I was arrested for DWI, even though my BAC was far from .08. That case was dismissed but somehow, the record for the dismissal had disappeared and I was considered a fugitive from justice (even though I hadn’t been when I had those other run-ins with law enforcement).

For my “crime” I was put on probation. Even though I complied fully with the terms of my probation, including attending every meeting with the probation officer and abstaining from any drugs or alcohol, I was suddenly pulled over repeatedly and arbitrarily charged with public intoxication. They never charged me with DWI, though I was DRIVING every time – probably because that would have meant testing me for drugs and alcohol and they would not have found any.

Every time this happened, I would be rearrested when I went to meet with the probation officer, because the public intoxication charges were in violation of my probation. Between the P.I.s and subsequent violations, I was arrested 6 times during this period. I had no idea why this was happening to me. It was a nightmare!

Finally, my neighbor’s vacant house was reportedly burglarized and supposedly, another neighbor had told the police that she saw me leaving the property with a garbage bag. I was quite confused, as I hadn’t even been home when the crime was alleged to have occurred. I told the police, by all means, they could search my house and would not find any of the items that had been reported stolen. When they started to collect MY computers, printers, tools and guns, I knew it was not going to end well. Despite my cooperation, I was, ONCE AGAIN, for a 10th time, taken into custody, without having done ANYTHING wrong. The interrogation was a joke. The detective just kept repeating over and over that I was guilty, because they had found all of the stolen items and I kept telling him that those were MY things but he wasn’t hearing it. I was booked and bailed out the next day.

I was found not guilty on the possession of cocaine charge and all of the public intoxication and probation violation charges and the burglary charge was dismissed for lack of evidence, when I produced receipts for the items the police had taken, though I never got my $2,000 worth of belongings back. It was so bizarre. Only a couple of months ago did it become clear why I had incurred this long rap sheet, for crimes I had not committed. It was an attack on my reputation and credibility. Now, until I shell out the money to have my completely undeserved arrest record expunged, cops will see me as a drug-addled common criminal, which couldn’t be further from the truth!!! Recently, I was warned by 2 separate individuals that I should expect to be framed again soon. Wonderful! Just what I need!

I recently got a dash cam, because the newest officers on the police force, in the small town in which my parents live, began following me everywhere, even miles outside of that city! The day I installed it, the tailing stopped.

Jumping back to the stalking, in December, exasperated, because break-ins at my house and my parents house, were happening on a daily basis, I started searching on YouTube for what to do about a stalker. I came across a news report from News 5 San Antonio, about gangstalking. Since it had the word “gang” in it, I didn’t think it was likely to pertain to me but that report changed everything! The stories about the women featured in the report perfectly mirrored my story. They had been drugged and hacked and gaslighted just like me. In addition, they were reportedly poisoned with heavy metals.

Having recently become so ill that I could barely get out of bed, I suspected that I too was likely poisoned and went to the doctor to be tested. Since heavy metal poisoning is rare, she tested me for autoimmune disorders instead. I came up positive for ANA w/reflex titer, which is indicative of lupus or cancer. Lupus does not run in my family. My mother also tested positive for the same thing about a month later. We are both still waiting to see a rheumatologist.

Since the doctor had refused, I had a hair test performed, which came up positive for high levels of 14 heavy metals, including radioactive isotopes and Rhodium, the most valuable metal on earth. Most of the metals on the test are primarily used for high tech applications, including nanotechnology. I saw my doctor again, and this time she ordered a 24 hour urine test, which confirmed the poisoning. Then I sought the help of a naturopath, for chellation. They performed an Oglioscan, which yielded the same results. I am currently on a ton of medication and supplements, which will hopefully rid me of the metals, eventually, assuming they aren’t linked to some sort of implant or something. Now that I know what I am dealing with, that is a distinctive possibility, though I am told that these days, implants are rarely used, because the same results can be achieved with nanotechnology.
Aside: At my old house, when this was first getting started, I would see an X in the sky above my house, from contrails. I joked on Facebook that my house was marked and that maybe they WERE chemtrails, though I didn’t believe in such things at the time.

After I found out about gangstalking, I started studying everything I could find on the topic and was SHOCKED to discover that, in many cases, it is suspected to go hand-in-hand with exactly what her father had told me I was up against!

I began to test for the hallmarks of that sort of targeting and discovered that the ambient radiation level at my house and my parents’ house is exceedingly high. Sometimes the radiation spikes to obscene levels. I also purchased a microwave leakage detector and when I found that it was constantly overloading (at the same time I was having mysterious headaches and sharp pains in my chest, I purchased “Magic Lights”, which is simply a tube containing a fluorescent light, which will light up in the presence of high levels of microwaves. Microwave leakage detectors are known for giving false positives but the “Magic Lights” are intended for testing a microwave to make sure it works and requires a far greater level of microwave radiation to light up. It is also impossible to have a false positive with “Magic Lights”.

I found infrasound and ultrasound detector apps, because my source had told me that “hypersonic” weaponry was among the arsenal and, sure enough, I got a constant hit on both. I purchased a specialized microphone, which can measure for infrasound and it corroborated the app, as did the bat detector I purchased to test for ultrasound.
I began to keep a database of patents on technology which could be deployed for such purposes, and I am up to nearly 100. This is NOT science fiction. This is real life technology, which has been hidden from the public for decades upon decades.

Useful information on this topic is hard to come by. DuckDuckGo doesn’t censor it like big tech but their indexing is not great. Some information can be gleaned by delving into Google’s cached pages or clicking far into the o’s in Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooogle. It is apparently (presumably many) somebody’s job to keep this stuff buried and ensure that what is accessible to the public, paints targeted individuals in a bad light, as crazies and morons, which I am not. I am scientifically minded and methodical and have come to my conclusions based on hard evidence, including that which I have captured in my own home.

If you look at one of my recent videos, you will see that I decided to try capturing some of the “silent sound”, which I speculated was being used against me. I was amazed with the results. When I put a microphone up to my ear or that of my daughter, there is ALWAYS a weird, rhythmic electronic sound. When I put the same microphone up to the ear of a non-targeted individual, there is only silence. I was able to make out some words from the silent sound, including slurs and my name repeated, many times.

Silent sound is not only used to convey voice messages. Those glitchy electronic sounds probably serve a purpose of their own. I could go in to the mind control aspect, which entails reading someone’s EEG with a supercomputer and then using sounds which mimic the EEG pattern, which can put a person into a desired state of consciousness but I think that is a YouTube video for another day. This has gone on long enough.

There you have it. The story of how I went from skeptic to aware target, only 2 months ago.
Why? Thus far it seems arbitrary. For all I know, the brother nominated me because he “really didn’t like me” and I was deemed uninfluential enough to be targeted without reciprocity. That is my working theory, though my daughter’s father has also suggested that I was chosen because I am particularly susceptible. Ultimately, I do not know but I certainly hope to find out as much as I can and be a part of the solution.

This is global. It is the biggest human rights violation since the holocaust but nobody even knows it is happening. That has to change. I intend to do my part to intelligently educate as many people as I can. I hope that answered some questions.

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